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Healer – Dr. Maureen Murray

A young male barred owl, found roadside after being hit by a car, arrived at the Cummings School’s Wildlife Clinic this past fall with a bone in its right wing completely broken. Dr. Maureen Murray performed surgical repairs, and a month later, the owl was moved to a flight barn on campus to test its wings anew. One morning in December, the owl, perched high in a corner, warily eyed the approach of two human visitors then took off and soared the length of the 40-by-100-foot barn. “It’s so rewarding to see that bird in flight, especially when you think how hard the folks here work to get birds back in the air,” Murray says. The owl was one of more than 2,000 wild creatures treated last year at the clinic, a required clinical rotation for Cummings students that offers training in healing patients—such as hawks and porcupines and turtles—so all students graduate with fundamental skills in wildlife medicine, regardless of the specialty they may ultimately pursue.