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Emissaries – Ayesh Ariyasinghe, F12, and Anusha Jayatilake, F12

Call them kitchen diplomats. Husband and wife Ayesh Ariyasinghe, F12, who is applying to the doctoral program at Fletcher, and Anusha Jayatilake, F12, a Fletcher scholarship recipient, often hosted suppers back home in Sri Lanka, where he worked in the Central Bank and she in the Attorney General’s Department. They brought the custom with them to their apartment near Fletcher.

“We invite friends for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” said Anusha, “though not on the same day.” House specialties include chicken with cashew nuts, a lentil stew called dal, and “lots of curries,” though after one guest was moved to tears, they cut down on the spice. “People leave eating with their fingers,” she said. “It’s a cultural exchange.” As such, their supper club is a Fletcher microcosm: “What we learn about different parts of the world from each other really complements our studies here,” said Anusha, who is researching microfinance initiatives in camps for internally displaced persons in Sri Lanka. The connections formed over curry with classmates from around the world “will last a lifetime,” she said.