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Who we are

Delightful, impressive, a handful of the thousands whose lives are flourishing with the support of annual gifts.

Many of our students are passionate about music, dance, drama, and the arts. If you visit the Performing and Visual Arts corner of campus on Talbot Avenue in the evening, you can feel the buzz as they rehearse for plays and practice for concerts, dance ensembles, choirs, and a cappella groups. Their energy is palpable. They are honing their craft as brilliant performers—yet each is contributing to something greater—to a brilliant production.

Tufts itself is a brilliant production. The cast of players is rich and varied. So many remarkable individuals contribute their unique talents to this collective we call a university. Their individual efforts make Tufts what it is—a special place that, with its impact on knowledge and human lives, resonates across the world.

It is your generosity that supports those individuals and enables those efforts. Your annual gifts to the Tufts Fund and to the funds at the graduate and professional schools make it possible for bright and deserving students to embrace the opportunity of a Tufts education. Annual gifts support excellence in teaching and in research; they strengthen athletics; they promote active citizenship and they stock labs and library shelves. In short, they underwrite all the things that define Tufts.

Every show needs its backers. When you give to the annual fund you become one of Tufts’ “producers.”

Select an image to the right to meet some of the talented individuals who put on the university-wide production made possible by your support. As members of the Tufts community, we all belong to something greater. We give not to belong, but because we belong.

Thank you, for all you give to Tufts!

Anthony P. Monaco