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Why Give

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All universities take pride in encouraging their students to develop as individuals and as scholars. Great universities take pride in also doing the same thing for their faculty.

Tufts' reputation as a world-class university rests on its ability to hire, engage, and retain the most accomplished faculty across a wide spectrum of scholarly fields. Students are drawn to Tufts because of our faculty, and faculty members are drawn to—and remain at—Tufts because of the resources we can provide to help them build remarkable academic careers.

Your gift to support teaching and learning at Tufts helps, for example, to encourage promising young faculty who care about their students to think of Tufts as their long-term professional home. And investments that help our professors to break new ground and conduct high-profile work increase the chances of attracting prestigious grants that, in turn, augment internal sources of funding.

Competition for the best and brightest faculty members is intense. We can do it, but we need your help. Gifts to Tufts' annual funds help support initiatives to recruit and retain leading faculty, launch innovative academic programming, and keep class sizes small. Please make your gift today to support excellence in teaching, or contact us to learn more ways to participate.

Below you’ll find just a few of the dedicated faculty members here at Tufts and the donors who support them in the most important job of all: educating the next generation of leaders.

Class Transformed

When a sociologist turns her sharp focus on her students, both the learning and the students are illuminated

Never Again

Grants support research on humanitarian aid in the Horn of Africa

Global Literacy

Donors provide key funding to expand effort to teach children in remote regions of the world to read