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We live in a world in which climate change, political upheaval, global health, and water and food shortages—among myriad other challenges—threaten our ability to grow and prosper as a society. Many of these daunting problems require an interdisciplinary approach to research, crossing between the traditional areas of academic endeavor. Tufts students and faculty are well suited to that kind of unconventional problem solving. Tufts has world-class faculty members and gifted undergraduate, graduate, and professional-school students collaborating right now to confront these kinds of challenges, but to ensure their success, we need your help.

Gifts to Tufts' annual funds help support the costs of research centers and institutes at the university and financial aid for students pursuing research opportunities. Please make your gift today to support excellence in research, or contact us to learn more ways to participate.

Meet some of the talented researchers at work at Tufts and the donors who support their efforts.

Shocking Growth

Can electricity help us regrow limbs, brains, and memory?

Fast Chemistry

In the race to cure cancer computer modeling is accelerating drug design

Chain Reaction

Peptides altered in a Tufts lab may revolutionize drug development

Food's New Frontier

An anthropologist shows the systems behind what's on the dinner table

Brave New World

Provocative studies reveal the complexities where economics and the environment collide