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Investing in Students

To portfolio manager Doug Rachlin, A85, it’s “a natural thing to do”

Doug Rachlin, A85, can attest to the value of mentorship and professional guidance. As an economics major at Tufts, he built strong relationships with professors, including Daniel Ounjian, then chair of the Department of Economics.

“Professor Ounjian was always very generous with his time and provided me with invaluable advice in helping me navigate my career path,” says Rachlin. The student-teacher relationship endured for years after Rachlin graduated, and he donated to a scholarship in Ounjian’s memory following his death in 1993.

Rachlin is as eager to help today’s students as Ounjian was to help him. He served on the New York Tufts Alliance Executive Committee for many years, and has hired Tufts graduates in his position as managing director and portfolio manager at Neuberger Berman LLC in New York City. Each year, Rachlin also offers a Tufts student the opportunity to work as a summer intern for his Portfolio Management team.

Now, to support current and future students, he has created the Rachlin Family Endowed Scholarship. His gift will be matched by Tufts as part of a university-wide Financial Aid Initiative—doubling its impact.

Besides giving back financially, he enjoys sharing knowledge and passing the torch to the next generation as they prepare to launch their own careers. “I’m very impressed with the enthusiasm and level of commitment from today’s Tufts students,” says Rachlin, who returned to campus in September to speak at the Tufts Finance Career Forum. Lending his life experience to students, he says, is “a natural thing to do.” He adds: “I want to help today’s students get the same exceptional Tufts education and experience that I enjoyed.”