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About Them

Dr. Vincent Iacono, an orthopedic surgeon in South Easton, Mass., has taught as an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the School of Medicine and has been active in reunion activities with the Class of 1971. His wife, Joan, has been a nurse at Cardinal Spellman High School in Brockton. They have three children, one of whom, Dr. Kathleen Flynn, graduated from the School of Medicine in 2001. They have been generous benefactors of the medical school.

About Their Gift

Dr. Iacono, a native of Italy, came to the United States with his family in 1954. He and his wife established the The Mario and Frances Iacono Endowed Scholarship Fund, named for his late parents, to benefit students and families who recently came to this country. The fund was created through the transfer of two life insurance policies purchased by Dr. Iacono when he started medical school.

"The medical education at Tufts provided a foundation and confidence to pursue orthopedic surgery and have a successful practice over many decades," Dr. Iacono said. "When I was a medical student, Tufts University School of Medicine provided scholarships and loans to help finance my medical education. I am forever grateful.

“The insurance policies were obtained to protect my family. Fortunately, the need did not arise. The policies acquired cash value. Helping the students at the School of Medicine was an immediate consideration. By converting the policies to cash and donating to Tufts, Joan and I have been able to enjoy seeing the benefits our scholarship is providing to new young doctors year after year."

The Impact

“I am incredibly grateful for Dr. and Mrs. Iacono’s generous gift. Through their kindness, I have been able to focus on something more important than my debt—my medical education. This scholarship will help me achieve my professional goals because it will allow me to explore different career avenues without the burden of so many loans. I cannot express how appreciative I am.”

Iacono Scholar
Professional goals: Obstetrics/gynecology

“Becoming a pediatrician has been a dream of mine since childhood. The Mario and Frances Iacono Scholarship truly helped me to pursue the specialty that I am most passionate about. Having benefited from the Iaconos’ generosity, I aspire to give back similarly to help another aspiring physician fulfill his or her dreams.”

Iacono Scholar
Professional goals: Pediatrics