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Inspired, in Stereo

On the face of it, Roger Wu, M12, and Richard Koff, MG08, M12, have little in common aside from a shared TUSM graduation year.

Wu, the child of immigrants from Taiwan, says he “loves the thrill of emergency medicine because it’s fast paced and, like medicine in general, constantly evolving.” Koff is pursuing radiology because “it’s visual, focuses on diagnosis rather than treatment, and involves giving a lot of recommendations.” Wu is rigorously business minded, graduating with an M.D./M.B.A., and chose this route so he could “have a broader impact on an organizational level, rather than just provide care.” Koff, whose mother has a chronic medical condition—“her ordeal helped shape my career,” he says—makes clinical care a priority.

Despite the disparities in direction and temperament, Koff and Wu share two things: They are both recipients of the Gleason Family Scholarship Fund—they received half-tuition scholarships each year since their first year of medical school—and they have a similar sense of gratitude toward their benefactors: TUSM graduates Charles Gleason, M45, A78P, M78P, J80P, M85P, and his wife, Betty Gleason, J43, M46, A78P, M78P, J80P, M85P.

“They were just beautiful people,” says Koff, who, with Wu, visited the Gleasons at their Wareham home a number of times. “Even if they hadn’t provided me with a scholarship, I would say they’re beautiful people. They took care of a large segment of their community who didn’t have access to health care. They’re wonderful role models. When you see someone who gives so much, it spurs you to pay it forward.” Wu echoes the sentiment: “The Gleasons didn’t know me before I got the scholarship; all they knew was I was a student in need. I’m inspired by their generosity. It’s something I hope to pay forward.”