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Profiles in Giving

Dr. Iqbal Singh

The Inspiration

Dr. Iqbal Singh has always gone that extra mile for his students. A professor of preclinical studies in the division of prosthodontics and operative dentistry at the School of Dental Medicine, he advises students to “make a difference in someone’s life,” and has shown them that the smallest kindness can leave the most lasting impression.

More than 20 years ago, two students inspired such a kindness: they were getting married, but the groom’s family lived too far away to attend the wedding. Without hesitation, Dr. Singh and his wife quietly offered to stand in for the groom’s parents. Since then, the students have graduated from the dental school and built careers and a family.

The Gift

Decades later, these grateful alumni are finally able to say thank you to the teacher whose generous spirit supported them beyond the classroom; they’ve named the instructor’s station of the new Simulation Learning Center in Dr. Singh’s honor. “I came to Tufts with not a dime to my name,” says the anonymous alumnus. “I left with a whole life in my hands. Dr. Singh is a great teacher and an even better person.”

The Impact

In a ceremony this past November, Dr. Singh was presented with the plaque that was to be installed in the Simulation Learning Center, where he regularly teaches. The entire second-year D13 class attended the ceremony in the preclinical lab on the eighth floor. Dr. Singh spoke of how much the honor meant to him and the strength of the community at the dental school. In turn he announced he will assist any students in D13 who wish to pursue humanitarian trips by providing funding from his own personal resources to help them with their costs.

“My career at TUSDM spans 35 glorious and rewarding years,” says Dr. Singh, “and I have enjoyed every moment. I tell my students to work hard and serve the public in an honest and professional manner becoming the dental profession—but do not forget your roots.”