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Violet Midzi, F12

About the Program

"The MIB is the first program of its kind in the world," says Bhaskar Chakravorti, senior associate dean of international business and finance at The Fletcher School. "Our students study business as an integral part of international affairs and vice versa. They are comfortable operating across borders of many kinds—national and disciplinary. We prepare not only great analysts—we prepare leaders.

"We operate with the axiom that the pursuit of private gain must enhance the public good; often it may be the only way of doing so. Moreover, with a more interconnected world and the emergence of business as a complementary force alongside diplomacy, conflict and reconstruction, philanthropy, grassroots action or development, we ignore the cross-connections at our peril."

About Her

Midzi studied finance at the University of Cape Town, and has worked in South Africa as a marketing manager for SABMiller in Johannesburg, as a brand manager for Unilever in Durban, and a business analyst for McKinsey & Co. in Johannesburg. She speaks Shona in addition to English. At Fletcher her fields of study are strategic management, international political economy, and international information and communication, and she is involved in the Net Impact Business Club, the Fletcher Christian Forum, the Fletcher Business Club, and the Fletcher Africa Business Group.

What Brought Her to Fletcher

"The need to change perceptions about Africa and have a better spread of content shown in global media about the continent, so not only the stories of war and poverty are shown, but also the success stories," says Midzi.

"I wanted to be more hands-on in doing my bit to help 'save the world.' After meeting a Fletcher alumnus and hearing his stories about the school, I went onto Fletcher's website and discovered the MIB program. At that moment everything fell into place. I found a program where I could work on my business fundamentals but explore the many different disciplines in the world of international affairs that would give me access to a broad range of career opportunities and allow me to play a more active role in Africa's development.

"While most of us come here with a pretty clear idea of what we want to study and do post-Fletcher, the courses offered are all so diverse and fascinating that you find yourself questioning your original study objectives. The surprising thing for me has been that Fletcher fully expected that. They want us to try out different things. It is great to know that we will get all the support needed to make the right choices and, by the time we graduate, will be well on our way to 'saving the world' in some way."