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Profiles in Giving

Kim and Curtis Artis, A13P

As soon as Phillip Artis, A13, started his college education at Tufts, his parents, Kim and Curtis Artis, A13P, began their involvement as active members of the Parents Committee, regular tailgaters at their son's football games, and generous donors through the Parents Fund. The Artises are making sure they are taking an active role in their son's education. "Being involved with the school keeps us in touch with Phillip's environment, even though we can't always physically be there," says Kim Artis.

Phillip Artis is reserved, but since he came to Tufts, his parents say they've seen him expand his social group and take on new responsibilities. "Tufts has made him feel comfortable," says Kim Artis. "He feels like Tufts is a family place, and we've found that he's right," adds Curtis Artis.

The Artises have made their own group of Tufts friends among parents at the home football games-traveling from Naples, Fla. to see their son play linebacker. They've also met many parents through Parents' Weekend and have become admirers of President Lawrence Bacow.

The Artises doubled the gift they made last year to the Parents Fund. "If we don't give, Tufts would not have the resources in terms of finding the best teachers, speakers, and special programs to give our son the best education possible," says Kim Artis. "We're investing in our child's experience."

"Tuition does not completely cover all the costs associated with running a university," says Curtis Artis, "like fielding athletic teams and providing scholarships for people who would otherwise not be able to attend."

Several of Phillip's friends at Tufts would not be there if it weren't for financial aid, says Kim Artis, who adds that her family has been blessed and they finds joy in sharing that with others.

"I believe in higher education," says Curtis Artis, who also served on the Parent's Committee of Duke University, their daughter's alma mater. "My son feels like Tufts tries to embrace and include everyone, and that's important to us."