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Profiles in Giving

Chris White, A63

About them

Chris White, A63, and his wife, Sue, sponsored 73 third-graders in one of Washington, D.C.'s toughest neighborhoods in the "I Have a Dream" program in 1993, and for the next 15 years provided them with the support-academic, emotional, family, financial-they needed to succeed. Many of the students have since graduated from the top colleges around the country.

Chris White is a travel-industry entrepreneur and founder of Krisam Group, the leading national sales organization for hotels, and its sister company, Global Events Partners. "Compared to what I do for a living, which is book hotel rooms, helping inner-city students is going to look a little better on my tombstone," he says.

About their gift

Now the Whites have turned their attention to Tufts. They have announced they intend to make a bequest to the university that is to be used for scholarships for inner-city students.

"We have a chance to break a cycle and help the first kid in a family go to college," says Chris White, a board member at Teach for America and the National Junior Achievement Foundation, who has helped form charter schools around the District of Columbia.

Why Tufts

"This is my chance to seriously give back to Tufts," White says. "I've always felt that going to Tufts was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Now there isn't anything I wouldn't do for the university."

Rebecca Scott, Tufts' director of gift planning, says the Whites are making "a statement of faith in the future of the university they love." print this page email this page Related Links * Tufts Gift Planning * Why give?