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Volunteer Spotlight: Marjorie Cohen Stanzler, J73, A09P, and Paul Stanzler, A09P

About them

Involvement with Tufts is something Marjorie Cohen Stanzler, J73, A09P, and her husband, Paul, A09P, enjoy—so much so that they are remaining as co-chairs of the Tufts University Parents Committee even though their son, Matt, A09, graduated in May.

"We have received tremendous parental gratification in seeing our son thrive at Tufts," says Paul, senior counsel at the Boston law firm of Burns & Levinson. "Supporting an institution that means so much to my wife and son is something special."

Margie is director of programs at the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center, an organization housed at Massachusetts General Hospital and named for the late husband of her sister, Ellen Cohen, J79, that promotes compassionate health care.

Their favorite part

The Stanzlers have been especially active in Parents Weekend. "The parents have as much fun as the students," Paul says. "There are activities from dawn till dusk." Margie says they were motivated to take on the Parents Committee post by their respect for President Bacow, who has "taken the school to a whole new level," and the "great education" the school has provided their family. "We have so much respect for the school and for the president that it really motivated us to do more for the Tufts community."

The Stanzlers invite parents to use the committee as a resource to answer any vexing parental questions and as an entry point through which to gain access to all that the Tufts community has to offer.

Why Tufts

Margie says that her sociology major at Tufts gave her more than a great education. "Tufts taught me academically, socially, and politically-all skills I have used throughout my career in health care."

"Supporting a university is always a worthy effort for anyone, particularly for a parent," Paul says. "Education is the single greatest engine of social mobility in our society, and Tufts is one of the leading engines in the fleet."