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Profiles in Giving

Dr. Dan Kaplan, M56

About him

Dr. Daniel Kaplan, M56, says he owes his successful career as a radiologist to his late parents, who as young teenagers escaping czarist oppression immigrated to America on their own. His father worked as a house painter in Chelsea, Mass., to support their family through the Depression. Says Kaplan, retired and living in the Oakland-Berkeley Hills in California. "I owe them an enormous debt of gratitude."

Now Kaplan again will pay tribute to his parents-Joseph and Sylvia Kaplan-this time with a gift to name a classroom in the renovated Sackler Building at the School of Medicine in their memory. If his parents were here to see the classroom, Kaplan says, they would be "honored beyond belief."

About his gift:

"This is a marvelous place to direct a gift because it will benefit generations of students on a daily basis, enhancing their educational experience," he says. With his $100,000 gift, Kaplan says he also wanted to express his appreciation to Tufts. The medical school, he explains, enabled him to experience a radiology career in both academic and public spheres that has been "gratifying and satisfying on so many levels." The impact of Kaplan's gift has been doubled under a challenge by the Jaharis Family Foundation.

Why Tufts

Kaplan was among the first to step forward in response to the Jaharis challenge. "There is an adventurous spirit and outlook at Tufts, and my family and I are both excited and delighted to commit to its success, both present and future," he says. "Giving back is its own reward."