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Profiles in Giving

Dr. Elliot W. Strong, A52, M56, and Marjorie Strong

About them

Dr. Strong, retired chief of the Head and Neck Service at New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, served a dozen years as an overseer at Tufts University School of Medicine. He and his wife, Marjorie, had established a charitable remainder trust naming the medical school as beneficiary on their passing. The trust gave them an annual income, which they had been donating back to the trust: a "painless way" to build the gift, Dr. Strong says, that "probably encouraged me to contribute more than I might have otherwise."

About their gift

Recently, they decided to forego the income stream they could have received for the rest of their lives and to terminate their charitable remainder unitrust, releasing more than $500,000 directly to the School of Medicine. The early termination allowed the Medical School to establish a half-tuition scholarship (worth some $22,000 a year) during the Strongs' lifetime. A deserving medical student will be selected as the recipient of the Dr. Elliot Strong and Marjorie Strong Scholarship from the entering Class of 2011.

By liquidating their trust to create the scholarship fund now, they said, they will be able to see, in their lifetimes, the impact their gift will have on students.

Why they give

"I had a scholarship when I went Tufts and it meant a lot to my family," says Dr. Strong, who was the first in his family to attend college, and now describes himself as an "ardent supporter" of scholarship aid.

"I know the financial straits that students face because of tuition costs. We've had to turn away students highly qualified for Tufts for financial reasons. I'd like to see students from all backgrounds, particularly needy ones, able to come to Tufts.

"The ideal would be to refuse admission to no one, across the university, because of financial need. That's what I hope to contribute toward."

You can help us build a talented, diverse student body that spans all cultures and socioeconomic groups, by making a gift toward financial aid at Tufts Medical School.