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Karen M. Schwartz, J75

About her

Karen Schwartz, an A&S overseer, is a psychologist who has a practice in Atlanta and adjunct faculty appointments in psychology and psychiatry at Emory University. She also is an artist: her portrait subjects have ranged from BB King to late US Senator (and Tufts graduate) Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and her work has been shown at the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Through her Schwartz Family Foundation, she and husband John R. Paddock have established the Schwartz/Paddock Family Fellowship in the Visual and Performing Arts. The fellowship supports undergraduate scholarship and creative works in music, dance, drama and studio and media arts.

About her Gift

"When I was at Tufts, I was fortunate to have professors who encouraged my creativity. For the most part, I enjoyed these experiences outside of my major in psychology and my minor in Art History. I journaled for some of my English courses, explored South Boston and other neighborhoods with a camera for a photojournalism course in the Experimental College, and wrote papers in religion class that required me to articulate my thoughts. My favorite experiences involved critical thinking. I would like to see Tufts elaborate formal training in the expressive arts, affording its students additional avenues for exploring and interacting with history, culture, and participation in the world arena."

About Her Vision

"I hope that my gift will contribute to an attitude of respect for the arts in the educational mission of the university. Clearly the university privileges the opportunity to educate and expose students to science and to global service. I would like to see artistic development on a par with the other opportunities for personal development and learning at Tufts."

Why she gives to Tufts

"I am very excited about Tufts' current leadership -- Dean Robert Sternberg, Provost Jamshed Bharucha and others -- who prize and embody the very characteristics in their range of interests, original thinking and creative self expression that they want to promote in the student body. The admissions initiative to select for creative intelligence, and the recognition that leadership can be exercised through artistic expression as well as through international relations or medicine, fits well with my commitment."

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