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David Kaplan

About him

Kaplan, director of the Tissue Engineering Resource Center at Tufts, holds the Stern Family Professorship in Engineering established through the generosity of James Stern, E72, chairman of Tufts' Board of Trustees, and his wife, Jane.

Why he's grateful

"A gift like the Sterns' gives us new opportunities to take our research in new directions," said Kaplan, pictured here with former research assistant Darya Rudym, A07.

"For example, we have been working on developing laboratory models for certain types of kidney disease," he said. "If we can better understand how the disease progresses, we can better our ability to screen for it and to develop medicines to fight it. Our progress so far has allowed us to apply for federal grants to propel the work forward.

"The Sterns' generosity has a direct impact on getting this research to the next level. You need money to buy the supplies, to run the experiments, to set up the lab, to bring in student research assistants to work on the experiments. We wouldn't be going for a federal grant - that will further support three or four students - without the seed money."