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Philip Chan, A10, M15

Recipient: Stern Endowed Scholarship, Chervinsky Scholarship, Preefer Scholarship

Philip Chan, A10, M15, didn’t have to look—or walk—too far to find his path to becoming a doctor; the son of Chinese immigrants, he grew up just down the road from Tufts University School of Medicine in the South End near Chinatown, Boston. Proximity to the medical issues that impact the Chinatown population has been crucial to understanding those he treats, as was the tragic passing of his father to cancer when Chan was only 12 years old.

Helping to act as a translator for his mother during those long, strained hours in the hospital eventually fueled Chan to pick up a stethoscope, with a focus on bridging the language and cultural gaps between recent immigrants and the medical system, and working with underserved immigrant populations. Mentorship as a Big Brother and time spent shadowing doctors in high school and as a Tufts undergraduate also pushed him to pediatrics.

Financial aid is “amazing,” adds Chan. “It gives me so much more freedom. With the amount of money one pays for medical school, it’s hard to justify choosing family medicine or pediatrics as a career, but I have the option to pursue what I love.” Having this option will help this future family doctor keep families like his own healthy and whole.

Says Dr. James Schwob, “Phil is simply a stellar individual—smart as a whip, hard-working, and a fantastic lab-mate/colleague. Tufts is lucky that he is on his way to becoming a 'double-Jumbo'."