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Adopt a Class: Encouraging AS&E young alumni to get involved

Two years after Jon Levy, E83, graduated, he made his first donation—$50 to the Tufts Fund. Twenty-three years later, Leadership Donor and Tufts Fund Gift Officer Levy is encouraging the Class of 2008 to make similar donations by promising to match their annual gifts over the next three years at a rate of 3:1 the first year, 2:1 the second year, and 1:1 the third year as part of a newly launched 3-2-1 Blastoff! challenge. After the third year, the young alumni will take full responsibility for their donations.

"I look at how much I got out of Tufts—the experience, the friends I made," says Levy, president of American Holt Corp. "If you enjoyed your experience at Tufts, it makes sense to give back to the school so it can continue to grow and offer more to everyone."

The goal of the challenge is to increase the level of participation among young alumni, who hold the lowest percentage of contributions but are a key demographic to the Tufts Fund, says Caryn Karo, assistant director of the Tufts Fund for Arts, Sciences, and Engineering.

Levy is the first to "adopt" a graduation class, and Tufts is seeking donors to follow in his footsteps for the classes of 2009 and 2010.

Levy says, "If everyone gives $25, that would send two or three more kids to school, it all adds up."

For learn more about adopting a class, please contact:
Caryn Karo
Assistant Director, Tufts Fund for Arts, Sciences, and Engineering