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Tufts Student Fund

What Is the Student Fund?

The Tufts Student Fund is the student-driven giving initiative for undergraduates. Supported by the Tufts Fund, and led by the Tufts Student Fund Leadership Corps, the Student Fund holds an annual campaign to increase awareness of how philanthropic dollars from alumni, parents, and friends contribute to the student experience—and the importance of giving back to Tufts. The Student Fund also hosts events throughout the year to thank alumni donors and spread the word about giving back to Tufts.

The Student Fund Leadership Corps is dedicated to the university community and giving back through volunteerism, engagement, and annual giving.

This year’s 2014 Student Fund will be led by an outstanding group of 30 campus leaders, handpicked with the assistance of Dean Abriola and Dean Berger-Sweeney.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Should I Give Back?

Tufts alumni have a longstanding tradition of giving back to their alma mater, and as students we all benefit from Tufts. Giving to the Student Fund shows your gratitude for your college experience and your dedication to the school’s future, and inspires alumni to keep giving back. To ensure that a Tufts education is accessible to all, the Student Fund concentrates on raising money for financial aid.

But I already pay full tuition—or I have student loans to repay

Tuition covers only a portion of educating a Tufts student. Therefore, even when you pay full tuition—now or by repaying student loans after graduation—Tufts significantly subsidizes your education and can offer this subsidy only through the generosity of past and present donors. Alumni have been giving back to Tufts through the Tufts Fund for years. Your gift makes you a part of that long tradition of giving.

How does my small contribution make a difference?

Do not underestimate the impact of your support and the importance of your participation. Every gift to Tufts made by members of the undergraduate community represents your commitment to the university. Many small gifts have a large impact! Your participation as a student and in the future as a young alum shows your support for the university and your appreciation to the donors that helped make your experience what it was.

More Questions?

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