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The Faces of Tufts

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A new view

Dominic Guri, E15

This past May, as Dominic Guri, E15, walked across the Commencement stage, he was closing one chapter at Tufts but already looking toward the next. He is staying on campus as a student in the Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. program and planning to study with his research-turned-graduate advisor, Professor Robert White.

Dominic came to Tufts from Zimbabwe with the dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. He embraced learning by discovery, working with his professors, and teaching his fellow class-mates through his role as tutorials manager in the Robotics Club. He was a lead research assistant in Professor White’s Microscale Sensors and Systems Lab, a system designer and programmer for the Robotic Sail Team, and a member of the Tufts Student Advisory Board.

He says Tufts "changed everything for me. It changed my prospects, my lifestyle, the way I think. It changed who I know, who I talk to, and the topics I talk about. It changed what I dream about, what I intend to do in the future, how I perceive the world. It changed the way I perceive myself."

None of this change would have been possible if it weren’t for the financial aid he received. Not only was he awarded a scholarship to attend, but when economic instability in Zimbabwe affected his family’s income, Tufts adjusted his aid to accommodate his needs. Throughout the process, Dominic felt supported, noting that Tufts makes it nearly impossible to “drop out of school because you can’t afford to pay for the classes,” and for that he is very thankful.

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