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The Faces of Tufts

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eNdless possibilities

Harry Paul, A18

Harry Paul, A18, is in an enviable position. He still has three years ahead of him as a Tufts undergrad. Three years of creating memories with his classmates, learning from his professors, and making new discoveries.

Harry loves research and spent much of his high school career working on an innovative device to treat children with congenital scoliosis, a condition he knows from experience. To combat a severe curvature of the spine that threatened his internal organs, surgeons inserted rods in his back that had to be lengthened with a new surgery every three to six months.

This experience inspired Harry to look for a better way. After many iterations, he invented an implant that grows with the spinal column, thereby minimizing the number of surgeries a child needs. In order to test it, he also built a trial spine using "3-D printers, a machine shop, and virtual CAD/simulation software." He spent months refining his prototype and testing it using mathematical models, until he was confident that it worked.

Since then, Harry has been recognized with top honors in bioengineering at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, first prize at the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles, and most recently, an invitation to the White House Science Fair, where he presented his invention to President Obama. So what’s next? After a whirlwind first year, Harry is excited get back to the Tufts community, declare a major (or majors), and work on his next big project in one of Tufts’ research labs.

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