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Julie Prescott-Ainsworth and Keith Ainsworth Donna (Berg) Barmore and Gregg Barmore Cindy and Edward Buxbaum Rebecca and Major Brendan Cullinan Polly and Robert De Santo Laura (Riechers) and Cedric DeLaCruz Lisa and Steve Dell'Anno Yuko Tanaka and Quentin Falconer Marlene and Peter Fellows Phylis and Alexander Flandreau Catherine Cahners and Andrew Gillies
Shana Horak and Greg Hawley Jerri Obley and Doug Hinds Corinda Barbour and Jerry Ireland Saskia and Fares Khalidi Nina and James Kinnear Dorene and Ronald Lengyel Jennifer and Eric Leventhal Jina and David Lindstedt Drs. Vicki and Richard Luftman Meaghen Akman and Sean McDermott Ghenet Powell and Steve Myrthil
Jacqueline and David Pleet Suzanne and Matthew Sands Jody Piltz-Seymour and Barry Seymour Janice and Carter Snowden Paula McCarty and Alex Stege Loretta and Allen Strang Nancy and Scott Wachs
Julie Prescott-Ainsworth, J87, and Keith R. Ainsworth, Esq., A87

My parents, Harry Ainsworth, A54, M58, and Sally (Bondi) Ainsworth, J54, met at Tufts. Though the details are somewhat clouded by the re-tellings, it appears that it had something to do with my father moving my mother's mini car onto the front porch of Richardson House which apparently caught her attention. She helped him make it through medical school and the rest is history. They had 52 years of marriage until 2008 when my father passed. My mother passed last year.

Of course they say history tends to repeat itself. I met my wife, Julie (Prescott) Ainsworth, J87, while ostensibly doing research at Jewfish Cay in the Bahamas with the Tufts environmental studies program under Professor Norton Nickerson. I was looking in plankton populations; she algae. As it turns out, the inner banks of the Bahamas are devoid of plankton, so I had an excess of time on my hands. I spent it getting to know Julie who graciously has shared 20 years of marriage with me. Posted 2012

Donna (Berg) Barmore, J67, J91P, J98P, and Gregg Barmore, A61, J91P, J98P

Donna and I met on a blind date and went to the Jumbo Tavern with another couple on their first date. Donna's assignment was to be in support of the other girl if her date didn't work out. The other couple never dated again and I never dated anyone else after that first date. I can't say the same for Donna because she was in a long term relationship when we met and it took her awhile to see the light. We were married on August 19, 1967 shortly after she graduated. We have three daughters and five grandchildren. Our oldest daughter, Suzanne Sands, J91, married Matthew Sands, A91, and our youngest daughter, Johanna Barmore, J97, heads a math program at a charter school in Cambridge. Our middle daughter, Corinne Bailey, graduated from Boston College and is married to a Wake Forest graduate. Posted 2012

Cindy (Apfelbaum) Buxbaum, J80, and Edward M. Buxbaum, A80

Cindy and I first met in the fall of 1977 while living on the same floor in Houston Hall. We quickly formed a fast friendship that remained intact until late in our senior year, when I finally worked up the courage to suggest than we begin dating (better late than never). After graduation, we both continued our education in different cities and phase I of our relationship ended. We kept in rather sporadic contact until the summer of 1986, when we reconnected, thus beginning phase II. Clearly, it just took me a decade or so to wear her down!

We married in the fall of 1987 and eventually settled in Baltimore, Maryland, where I am employed as a partner in the litigation department of the law firm of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP. Cindy works as a marketing research consultant. We have 2 children – our daughter Amy is a freshman at Rice University and our son Steven is a high school sophomore. More than 30 years after our first meeting, we still have wonderful memories of our time together at Tufts. Posted 2010

Rebecca (Scott) Cullinan, J99, and Major Brendan Cullinan, A99

My husband, MAJ. Brendan Cullinan, and I are both Tufts 99 grads. We met at Tufts in 1995 and were married in 2000. He has just deployed to Afghanistan for the next year. Here is the link to our family blog if you'd like more of the story. http://cullinanfamily.blogspot.com/Posted 2012

Polly (Grzybek) De Santo, J63, and Robert S. De Santo, A62

Bob and I were both in the Tufts Chorus, and during our 1961 Spring Chorus Trip, our mutual friend, Niel Kropp, A62, made certain that Bob and I spent the week of that bus trip sitting next to each other as we traveled the mid-Atlantic coast. After that time of conversing together, Bob asked me to his Junior Dinner Dance, our first date. I accepted and here we are -- two daughters, 2 sons-in-law, and five grandchildren later!Posted 2008

Laura (Riechers) DeLaCruz, J89, and Cedric DeLaCruz, E90

We lived one floor apart in Wren Hall. I saw his name posted outside his suite during the first week of freshman year and immediately knew I had to go introduce myself to someone with such a unique name. We dated throughout our Tufts years, continued dating through Cedric’s law school years, and finally got married 11 years after our first meeting! Apparently, good things come to those who wait: we are currently married 15 years, and we renewed our wedding vows in Boston for our 10th anniversary. Our two daughters, aged 11 and 8, keep us smiling and hopeful for the future. Ced and I stay close to Tufts through our alumni interviewing of prospective Jumbos- hopefully, we’re helping to create freshman classes that are talented and diverse.Posted 2012

Lisa (Rathman) Dell’Anno, E80, and Steve Dell’Anno, E81

We always reminisce about the day when Steve, a freshman at Tufts, came wandering into The Lodge at Harvard Square looking to buy a pair of chinos so he could fit in better with the preppy crowd at Tufts. Lisa had a summer job at this clothing store, a five minute walk from the Harvard "T" station. Steve didn’t have time to complete his shopping, but came in again the next day to pursue the chinos, and ask Lisa for a lunch date "to talk about engineering." Supposedly this was because he was considering changing his major from Civil Engineering to Mechanical Engineering, but we all know better. We dated all through college, Lisa graduating in 1980, Steve in 1981, then marrying in 1982. Since then, Steve’s job has taken us to New Jersey, Cleveland, Delaware, Houston, and then to California--the best place of all. Photo is from our 25th anniversary trip to Paris.Posted 2009

Yuko Tanaka, J86, and Quentin Falconer, E86, A86

Yuko Tanaka, J86, and Quentin Falconer, E86, A86, met early on at Tufts. Quentin was working as a building monitor in the basement of Cohen Auditorium where the Music Department was located. Quentin's office was essentially the janitor's closet. Among his important responsibilities was letting students into the locked practice rooms where the grand pianos were located. So every evening that Quentin worked, Yuko would stop by the janitor's closet and ask Quentin to open the locked practice room. That is the humble start to our long life together.

In 1983, Yuko and Quentin were both traveling back home for the winter break. Yuko was from Japan and Quentin's parents were working and living in Indonesia. It just so happened that we had the same flight from Boston to Tokyo. When we discovered that we were on the same flight, we changed our seats so that we could travel together. I guess you could say by sitting so close to each other for 14 hours, our relationship progressed well beyond our piano student/building monitor acquaintance.

Due to a big Boston winter storm, we arrived in Tokyo well behind schedule and Quentin missed his connecting flight. Yuko offered to help sort out Quentin's flight rebooking, a task more easily completed in Japanese than in English. Quentin also had the chance to meet Yuko's parents, who were probably convinced that we were secretly dating.

After the winter break, Quentin continued on to the University of Sussex for a semester abroad through Tufts' engineering school. When he returned, Quentin resumed his old job as a music building monitor, unlocking the practice room for Yuko whenever she needed. As we were both music majors, we went on that year to collaborate on a joint junior recital. We enjoyed making music together so much that we did a joint senior recital the next year, Yuko on piano and Quentin on clarinet.

We moved out to California together after graduation, Yuko to study music at Stanford and Quentin to begin his business career. We have been a Tufts couple now for over 20 years. And it all started so modestly in the basement of Cohen Auditorium.Posted 2008

Marlene (Morrill) Fellows, J57, and Peter Fellows, A56

Marlene and I met in 1948 in Bristol, N.H. where we both spent summers. I was 14 and Marlene was 13 and became my sister’s best friend. We dated throughout high school even though during the winter, I was in Milton, Mass., and Marlene was in Concord, N.H., and we dated throughout college. Upon graduation in 1956, I entered Navy OCS in Newport, R.I., and was commissioned in February 1957. Marlene graduated in January 1957 and started teaching in Tilton, N.H. We married in June of 1957 and set up housekeeping in Norfolk, Va. Four years in the Navy, 33 years with IBM, 11 years retired, and we recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Life has been good!Posted 2009

Phyllis (Hayward) Flandreau , J41, E68P, and Alexander (Sandy) Flandreau, A41, E68P

We met before classes our freshman year. We were walking with our roommates, Bob and Alice. Alice recognized Bob from home and we changed partners. Sandy asked me to the rush parties and so began a seven year friendship, and continued as a marriage from 4/4/44 and is ongoing. Posted 2012

Catherine Cahners, J79, A14P, and Andrew Gillies, A78, M83, A14P

Andy and I met at Tufts in September 1976, at a transfer of credit meeting held in Alumnae Hall. I was 19, the nice Jewish girl from Brookline who had spent her freshman year at Smith. He was 21, the nice Catholic boy from Braintree who had spent two years at Brandeis. For a variety of reasons, we both ended up at Tufts.

I distinctly remember my older sister dropping me off in front of Alumnae Hall that first day, and saying, "Just find a cute boy and ask him for a light and where he transferred from." With that, she pulled away in her green Fiat, leaving me alone. I planted myself on one of the steps leading into the building and began to look over the assembling crowd. My eye was drawn to a cute guy with blonde, shoulder-length hair that washed across his shirtless back. His cut-off jeans bulged with cigarettes, maps, and film for the Nikkormat camera slung over his shoulder. When he turned around, his nose reminded me of Jack Nicholson's; his smile was infectious and really did light up his whole face. The group of girls around him also seemed impressed.

Once inside, we were all consumed by the task at hand—trying to get credit for courses taken at other colleges—and I lost sight of the cute guy. "I'm sorry, but I can't give you credit for this as we don't offer anything comparable," said one administrator. Feeling quite dejected, I made my way over to a couch, plopped down, and took out a cigarette. I hate to say it, but across the crowded room I saw him again, mustered up my courage, and did as my sister suggested.
"Do you have a light?"
"Sure." Long drag off my cigarette.
"So where are you transferring from?"
"Brandeis. You?"
"Smith. Do you know…"
"Probably not. I never lived on campus." Uncomfortable silence.
"Where're you from?"
"Braintree. You?"
"Brookline. Um, do you play backgammon?"
"Wanna play a game after this?"

As Kurt Vonnegut said, "So it goes. So it goes."

That was 34 Valentine's Days ago….

Now, our daughter Kim is a freshman at Tufts. We wonder whom she'll meet.Posted 2011

Shana Horak, A06, and Greg Hawley (A06)

We were both seniors and had just gotten back from study abroad. I first met Greg in early October at a friend’s birthday party. But our true "Jumbo love connection" happened during homecoming. After a great win on the rugby pitch, I met up with Greg and my teammates at tailgating. It was a very rainy day and the parking lot had become a huge mud pit. I talked to my teammate (also one of Greg’s housemates) about my new crush on Greg. At her suggestion, I rugby tackled Greg into the mud and casually said ‘hi.’ Luckily, we weren’t the only ones enjoying a little mud slip and slide that day.

This past October (5 years since we met), we came back to Tufts for our 5 year anniversary and for homecoming. And, on the night before homecoming, Greg proposed to me on the Tufts Library Roof. We’re so happy for Jumbo to have brought us together!Posted 2012

Jerri Obley, J60, and Doug Hinds, A57

I don't think we kissed under Bowen Gate, but we did kiss in the fishbowl at Hodgdon Hall many times. We've been happily married 52 years! We were married after my junior year (1959) and when Doug had graduated. Posted 2012

Corinda Barbour, J69, and Jerry Ireland, A66

Although we overlapped on campus for one year and knew many of the same people, we did not meet until a mutual acquaintance introduced us while we were each doing graduate work at Stanford. During the "get to know you" session, the question about undergraduate school was answered with the '60s' mantra of a "small school of high quality." Then we knew we were both Jumbos! After a short eight-year courtship, we were married, and years later at our son Fraser's 2003 Tufts graduation, we renewed our vows at Goddard Chapel. The photo is of the two of us celebrating our retirement overlooking the Bosporus in Istanbul.Posted 2008

Saskia Meckman, J94, and Fares Khalidi, A94

We met at Hogdon Hall in the cafeteria. Apparently, Saskia rolled her eyes at Fares. We re-met at the Campus Center when Fares joined Saskia’s Culture Exchange Circle group’s first meeting. We remained friends for the next 10 years between Texas, Florida, Vermont, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Boston, and New York City. In 2001, Saskia crashed on Fares’ couch in Boston when she was evicted from her NYC apartment. We discovered we both loved to eat Fares’ home cooking and that our friendship was turning into something much deeper. In 2004, we were married on a hill top overlooking the mountains of Southern Vermont. We just celebrated our 4 year anniversary on September 18th 2008. Best friends make amazing life partners. We still look back at our life at Tufts together and reminisce how our paths came together. Happy Valentine’s Day! Posted 2010

Nina (Varanelli) Kinnear, J97, and James Kinnear, A97

Nina and I met on Halloween during our sophomore year. We both signed up to trick-or-treat in the community to collect canned goods for the local homeless shelter and were randomly assigned to go door-to-door together. Over those few hours outside and then over a glass of hot chocolate back at the starting location, we struck up a great conversation and became friends. That friendship grew over the next couple of years, until the beginning of our senior year, when I asked Nina to go out on a date with me. Clearly it was a smart decision on my part! After many years of dating (including four years of long-distance dating and gigantic phone bills), we got married on July 19, 2003, and now have a beautiful son named Ethan. He will of course be going to Tufts in about 17 years! Go Jumbos! Thanks for the wonderful memories!Posted 2008

Dorene (Lees) Lengyel, J57, and Ronald Lengyel, E55

We met in March 1955 at a mayoralty campaign poster-painting party. Dorene needed some green paint, and I went to look for it. I wasn’t all that enthused about campaign activities to start with and almost decided to just bug out, but I had told her I’d get the paint so I did. For the rest of that spring we saw more and more of each other. In addition to all the usual expected attributes, Dorene really impressed me with her ability to handle the floor shift in her 1936 Plymouth – she could stop on a hill intersection and accelerate out of there without rolling backwards 1/16th of an inch! And she gave me the 45rpm version of Frank Sinatra’s Wee Small Hours album for my birthday in April, showing excellent taste in music.

I graduated in June (no wimpy May graduations in those days) and went off to start three years in the Navy, and Dorene went to work at the Blacksmith Shop restaurant in Rockport to earn tuition for her junior year. We kept in touch with lots of letters and would see each other whenever I came home on leave. She was so socially active during her last two years at Tufts that she was named Zeta Psi queen one year and Theta Delta Chi queen the next. I was a little taken aback by all this, but since I was just a bachelor Navy pilot I figured I really didn’t understand dating mores any more.

She graduated in June 1957, took a teaching job on Long Island, and made arrangements to live with two other teachers in a house in Bayville. I was stationed in Virginia Beach, Va., scheduled to go out on a nine-month Mediterranean cruise in January, so one weekend in September I drove up to see her. On the way back to Virginia that Sunday night I dosed off while driving and woke up bouncing off the highway center divider. On subsequent trips I convinced my Navy roomie to come with me to share the driving and date one of her housemates (they were married at the Naval Academy two years later). The four of us celebrated Christmas in Bayville that year, then Charlie and I went aboard the USS Saratoga for our Med adventure.

We continued our letter-writing relationship for the next nine months. I sent Dorene a belt from Barcelona, and she wrote that she added a complete outfit to go with it (seemed a little over-the-top to me). When I told her I was sending a bikini bathing suit from Cannes, she wrote back that she could hardly wait to wear it (they were illegal on most U.S. beaches at the time). Then she got it and wouldn’t wear it out of her bedroom. (Thirteen years and two children later, she wore it very comfortably on beaches in Hawaii).

Dorene finished her school year in June 1958, moved back to her parents' home in Medford, and took a job as an American Airlines reservationist in Boston. I finished my Navy commitment in October, flew back to my parents' home in Lynnfield, and we resumed our in-person relationship.

We were engaged on October 19, and were married on Valentine’s Day, 1959. It seems to have worked out so far.Posted 2008

Jennifer (Hecht) Leventhal, J87, and Eric Leventhal, A88

They say that opposites attract. I know a married couple that proves this. Jennifer cares more about others' feelings than her own, while Eric isn't afraid to stand up for himself and the people closest to him. Jennifer is dramatic. Eric is easygoing. Jennifer is a "The glass is practically full, but if you want more I'd be glad to get it for you," person, and Eric is a "Is this even my glass?" kind of guy. Eric goes by what's logical and analytical. She is thoughtful; he is entertaining. She is right-brained; his left side seems to work best.

She is my mom, and he is my dad.

For the past 15 years I've watched their personality traits play off each other, and together, they balance out to become something quintessential—and might I add, hilarious.

They met 25 years ago at Tufts University. My dad was a sophmore and my mom was a junior, not to mention his Resident Advisor. She waited to date him until a year after being his R.A. They celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last year.

I don't know what they were like for the 10 years before I was born but I can't remember at time when I don't laugh with the two of them. Eric has always had such a good sense of humor, and once in a while Jennifer will even crack a joke, or at least try. She has learned from my dad to relax, even in times of difficulty. He has learned from her, too...and considers others' emotions and sensitivities more thoroughly.

If there's one thing I've learned from their relationship, it's that you don't have to be alike to be in love.

Written by Dani Leventhal for Inside Chappaqua Posted 2011

Jina (Marmelzat) Lindstedt, J78, and David Lindstedt, E78

On a clear fall day in 1975, I was sitting on the outdoor steps of Hamilton Pool with Tufts swim coach Don Megerle. We were discussing the upcoming season, when he gave me a nudge with his elbow to check out the blond, blue-eyed, tanned California girl (a rare sight in New England) heading our way. She walked up to us and asked if we knew where the squash courts were. Coach replied, "Of course, we do. And Dave here will be happy to walk you to them." I didn't know we had squash courts. I proceeded to meander with Jina in tow by the pool, basketball court, indoor track, weight rooms, and athletic offices, assuring her that the courts were very nearby, but that I had just gotten turned around a bit. Eventually I found the courts, and eventually we got married, with Coach Megerle attending as groomsman. We have a wonderful 17-year-old daughter and live in Southern California—a wise decision made after experiencing the blizzard of ’78. And Coach calls us on our anniversary every year. Posted 2011

Drs. Vicki (Levander) Luftman, J70, A03P, and Richard Luftman, A70, A03P

Vicki and I met during the first days of her freshman year while I was toting around my Sword & Shield paddle. We must have made an indelible impression on each other. We managed to go through Tufts as "hello, how are you?" acquaintances, going to premed classes, labs, and occasional parties. She dated some of my AEPi brothers and was everybody's favorite lab partner--she always had the solutions!). But we never got together until we met each other in Harvard Square the summer before we were going off to different medical schools. Simultaneously, I met an old high school buddy whom I introduced to Vicki, and he proceeded to regale her with his exploits at "The College" and how he was going to "The Law School." He suggested the three of us go to Bailey's for ice cream, "his treat," and when we were done he asked Vicki for her number. He then turned to me and said, "I suppose you would like her number too?" I said, "Well, OK!" And we went our separate ways.

With this help of my friend (our Cupid), Vicki and I became very involved that summer. I knew she was the one when she tried to lavish my favorite feast on me--her home cooked baked stuffed lobster dinner. This was supposed to be a surprise, but I screwed it up by forgetting to show. She was livid and tracked me down a few hours later and told me I had better get my butt over there at once!

The rest is history--being apart, halfway across the country at different med schools; my transferring to be with her at NYU med school; residencies in ophthalmology (me), and pediatrics (Vicki) in D.C. finally settling in Longmeadow, Mass. Now married for 36 years (who would have thought?) with two wonderful boys--Adam, 28, principal trumpet for the San Francisco Opera and recently married to Reva, and David, A03, who will have a Masters in Public Health in June and is going to medical school in September.

I cannot say that life has been easy, but Life is Good!Posted 2009

Meaghen Akman, J01, and Sean McDermott, A02

Sean and Meaghen met in 1998 on the steps of Wilson House at Tufts University. Sean, a freshman, had just spent a year hiking the Appalachian Trail, and Meaghen was beginning her sophomore year as a transfer student. On the night Sean met Meaghen, he followed his roommate over to a party hosted by Meaghen's neighbor. The two soon became friends and could be spotted all around campus. Sean and Meaghen would sit and often study in Brown & Brew. Occasionally, he would succeed in convincing Meaghen to stop studying and come out to Latin Dance Night or Tufts' infamous "Leather and Lace" party hosted at the Arts Haus. Meaghen attended a number of Sean's track events while acting as the sports editor for the Tufts Observer.

In the fall of 2002 after his graduation, Sean decided to give Washington, D.C., a try when Meaghen mentioned that she was looking for a roommate. This friendship endured time, distance, significant others, and it finally blossomed in the spring of 2003. Sean proposed to Meaghen at sunset on the rooftop of 101 Constitution Avenue, a building that overlooks downtown D.C., on April 7, 2004. Meaghen and Sean were married on August 20, 2005 in Amherst, New York, by University Chaplain Reverend David O'Leary--a close and special friend of the two. Gustavo Gomez, A01, George Haines, A01, and Tristan Reed, A02, participated as Sean's groomsmen. Since the wedding, Sean and Meaghen have traveled to Central America, North Africa, and to various destinations in the United States.Posted 2008

Ghenet Powell, A06, and Steve Myrthil, A07

Ghenet and Steve met at the start of their freshman year in fall 2002, when they went to see a movie in Boston with a bunch of other freshmen. Steve is known for always having a smile on his face, and that made Ghenet want to sit next to him. Little did she know that he had an instant crush on her! They quickly became close friends, and Steve made the trek uphill from South Hall to Carmichael Hall to have dinner with Ghenet every night, even during the harsh Boston winter. They became a couple shortly after winter break. During their junior year, Ghenet went to study in the Tufts-in-Madrid program but Steve stayed in the United States. They didn't see each other for months at a time, but they spoke on the phone every day, and when Steve visited her, they toured Madrid, Paris and Rome until Steve had to return to Tufts for finals. After graduation, Ghenet went home to New York and Steve followed suit. They both found jobs in New York City - before the recession. In 2009, six years after they first started dating, they were engaged to be married!Posted 2010

Jacqueline Loretto Pleet, J76, and David Pleet, E76

David and I did indeed meet at Tufts. We met the first month we were at Tufts as freshmen! My friend Kathy Pappas and I were living in a small all-girls dorm (on Powder House Blvd.) and we hadn't met a lot of people yet so we decided to go to the Bridge Club since we both played bridge. We were really awful at it and came in last playing duplicate bridge. There were two guys who came in second to last and at the end of the evening they offered to walk us home and stayed to talk with us for awhile. They offered to help us with our bridge playing and suggested that just the four of us play bridge together. We ended up playing the next two nights and talking for hours. David and I started dating after that and at the end of our senior year we were married. That was on June 20, 1976, and we have now been married for just over 30 years! We have three children (ages 21, 18, 16) and have stayed connected to our close friends from Tufts. Tufts most certainly played a huge part in our lives, both from the excellent education we received as well as the wonderful relationships we developed there, and we think of our days there most fondly!Posted 2008

Suzanne (Barmore) Sands, J91, and Matthew Sands, A91

During the fall of 1987 Matt and I arrived on campus as freshmen. We were both assigned to live in Wren Hall. Matt was in the basement with a roommate named Matt (one of three rooms in the building with two Matts that year) and I was in the 530s. We both registered for Professor Quinto's Math 17 that met at 8:30 in the morning. One day, as we each made our way back to the dorm Matt caught up to me and suggested we work on the homework for that class together, as Prof. Quinto had recommended. I agreed and that is how our friendship began. (A brief aside about Professor Quinto: While he holds a special place in our memories of Tufts because we met in his class, we also think of him fondly because he was an amazingly gifted teacher who challenged us and simultaneously made us feel like we were very important to him on a personal level).

We have fond memories of reading the Daily and doing the Jumble while sharing pancakes at the Campus Center many a morning after class. Matt soon became a fixture in my suite and one of my closest friends. Sometime during the early part of our second semester our relationship began to change and eventually we were inseparable. There were bumps along the way and neither one of us imagined at the time that we would someday be married with two beautiful children. Well, it's been 19 years since our second semester freshman year and we couldn't be happier. We were married a year and a half after graduating and moved to Atlanta. After living there for six years, we moved to the Chicago area to be closer to Matt's family. We decided to stay and settled into a home in Lake Forest.

While we got married young (23) we were in no hurry to start our family. As I started my 10th year teaching and we celebrated our 10th anniversary we decided it was time. Soon we were blessed with our son Jack Ephraim in June 2003 and later our daughter Hanna Wren in December 2005. Yes, the Wren in Hanna's name is in honor of the place where her parents met and fell in love. (By the way, I also lived there as an R.A. my junior and senior years and Matt lived there at least one of those years as well). Interestingly, my youngest sister also attended Tufts seven years after we were there and also lived in Wren Hall and chose Prof. Quinto as her academic advisor. Furthermore, while at Tufts I was a Special Friend to a little girl at the Tufts Daycare Center who is graduating from Tufts this year and she was assigned to Wren Hall her freshman year.

One last bit to the story, my parents also met while attending Tufts and recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. So as you can see Tufts is a place that holds a very special place in our hearts.Posted 2008

Jody Piltz-Seymour, J80, and Barry Seymour, A80

Barry and I met skiing at Jay Peak in Vermont in 1978. Barry was on a Tufts ski trip, but I drove up from New York over break to ski with a friend. To this day, I still do not remember why we picked Jay Peak--it was such a long drive from New York--must have been fate! The day after we arrived, it rained, and then the temperatures plummeted, turning the mountain to ice. It was so cold and windy that everyone spent most of the trip in the lodge. It was sitting around the fireplace in the lodge that Barry and I first met.

We dated on and off (mostly on!) for the next five years, graduating in 1980, and marrying in 1983. We have two wonderful daughters, Sofie, 14, and Emma, 11, as well as a dog, a cat, and three aquatic frogs! We celebrated 25 happy years of marriage in September.

Many occasions bring back wonderful Tufts memories as we celebrate with our former classmates. We happily celebrated mid-century birthdays with two other Tufts couples, Jonathan Root, A81, and Alice (Anable) Root, J79, and Lynne Phillips and Steve Boyd, A08P. There will always be a little bit of Tufts in our hearts.Posted 2009

Janice (Richardson) Snowden, J74, and Carter Snowden, A74

Carter and I met during winter study in 1971. Carter was preparing for a trumpet performance and needed a piano accompanist. One of the music professors, Professor Summers, who knew I was a pianist, asked me to rehearse with Carter. We performed the Kent Kennan Sonata for Trumpet and Piano in Alumnae Hall.

We never dated in college. After the recital we'd see each other now and then at a dorm party or the occasional antiwar demonstration. I did once get him bailed out after a big march at Government Center. After graduation we lost touch.

Almost ten years later I saw Carter jogging along Huron Ave. in North Cambridge. We sort of recognized each other but neither said anything as we passed. A few months later we bumped into each other at Star Market in Porter Square where we did chat and exchanged phone numbers. He called me and we went on our first date--a Claudio Arrau recital at Symphony Hall followed by dinner at Grendel's.

We continued to date and that summer went to Greece together, for a low budget, hardly planned, seat-of-the-pants vacation. It turned out to be the first of many similar trips. On a gorgeous Fourth of July on Santorini we went to a local jeweler with our last few hundred dollars and bought a ruby engagement ring. We were married later that fall. Jonathan Strong, Tufts English Department, was our best man, and Ellen Feld and Kathy Johnson baked our wedding cake.

We've been married over 23 years now and have two children. Both are studying music (voice and classical guitar) at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.Posted 2008

Paula McCarty, J85, and Alex Stege, A81

Paula and Alex met at the Ping Pong Table in the basement of Hill Hall in September 1975, and to this day still disagree over who won the first match. While they only dated briefly at Tufts, they sporadically ran into each other over the next 15 years. The first time was in 1981, when Paula stopped in Boulder, Colo. for a day on her cross country trek to start a new job with Mobil Oil in Los Angeles. In 1982, Alex stopped in on his way to Alaska. The next one-day meeting took place in New York City, where Paula was attending a health care investment banking conference and the Red Sox were playing the Mets in World Series Game 6. Then, in 1990, a chance phone call to Alex's former employer, Center for Biological Natural Systems at Queens College, indicated that he was attending graduate school in Oregon--a mere 1,500 miles from Southern California and Paula.

Under the guise of being able to offer him a lucrative summer job at her law firm, Alex came down and the rest is history. The couple was married in July 1990 at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, Calif., and had many Tufts alumni at their wedding reception. Alex found his current employer, SCS Engineers, that summer, where he works as a senior project scientist specializing in Landfill Gas Emissions Modeling. In 1998, the couple moved to Arizona, where Paula took a job with Motorola, where she markets cool new wireless technology and infrastructure. This picture, taken in November 2007 at the Summer Palace in Beijing, is one of the many trips abroad that they have taken together. They keep busy with work and their love of the outdoors and traveling.

We truly have a "When Harry Met Sally" love story...from Tufts. It’s also a bit of an Eric Siegel love story--as Alex is from Greenwich, Conn. (a real Connecticut preppie who went to Deerfield) and I grew up as a Medford "townie," a product of the public school system. Posted 2009

Loretta (Shages) Strang, J59, and Allen Strang, A59

We got married graduation day, June 7, 1959, in Crane Chapel. I was a G.I. (USAF 52-56) from Tenafly, New Jersey, Loretta a grad of Buckley High School, Hartford, Conn. I picked up an M.B.A. at NYU while we were both working in New York City. We have lived in New York City; Cresskill, N.J.; Signal Mountain, Tenn.; Ridgewood, N.J., and now Worthington, Ohio. We have three children, Billy, Jon, and Katey, and four grandchildren, all boys. Loretta enjoys many book clubs, PEO Sisterhood, and Socrates Club when she is not selling real estate. Allen enjoys taking college courses at Ohio State and rooting for the New York Giants.Posted 2008

Nancy (Baum) Wachs, J81, A09P, A12P, and Scott Wachs, A81, A09P, A12P

Scott and I met during our freshman year at Wilson House. Scott had just transferred into the room directly below mine, and knocked on my roommate’s and my door to check out the loud music he was hearing from above. (Scott now says it was the opportunity he was looking for to meet me.) The next 3 ½ years at Tufts were just the beginning of an amazing lifetime together. We have been married 26 wonderful years. We have two sons, David, who graduated Tufts in ’09, and Eric, who is currently a senior at Tufts. We are definitely a Tufts family.Posted 2012