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Parents Leadership Council

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2017-2018 Parents leadership council Members

  • Ernesto Alvarez, E83, A13P, A19P and Ani Docal-Alvarez, J84, A13P, A19P, Florida
  • Laurent and Julie Amouyal, A20P, Massachusetts
  • Paul and Linda Barnett, A19P, New York
  • James and Lisa Berger, A19P, Florida
  • Stuart and Marcella Bernstein, A18P, California
  • Robert and Caroline Burk, A18P, California*
  • Jeffrey Cornfield, E82, EG85, A20P and Julie Cornfield, A20P, Florida
  • Peter and Lauren Fasolo, A18P, New Jersey
  • Kathleen Foley-Hughes and Anthony Hughes, A18P, A21P, California
  • Katherine Furman Pasik and Timothy Pasik, A19P, New York
  • Beth and David Geduld, A21P, Florida
  • Roland Hoch, A85, A19P and Sara Garland-Hoch, A19P, Massachusetts
  • Karen Hui and Paul Sheng, A19P, California
  • Robert and Diane Jaye, A18P, Massachusetts
  • Jean Kanarian and Nathan Hagen, A21P, Massachusetts
  • Thomas and Jennifer Karol, A18P, Texas
  • Kobi and Nancy Karp, A18P, Florida
  • Sara Keller, J85, A19P and Edward Keller, A19P, Connecticut
  • Andrew and Kenwyn Kindfuller, A18P, Maryland
  • Steven and Michele Kirsch, E18P, California
  • Beth Kleid and Robert Graham, Jr. A19P, California
  • Rachel Kronowitz and Mark Lewis, A20P, Washington, DC
  • Howard Lehrhoff and Nasreen Babu-Khan, A18P, California
  • Jack London, A84, E21P, and Diane London, J87, M91, E21P, Massachusetts
  • Sheldon and Maria Lowe, A20P, Florida
  • Jaibin and Lili Luo, A19P, Hong Kong
  • John and Catherine MacCarthy, A18P, Illinois
  • Beth and Barry Machlin, A19P, Illinois
  • Kris Mastrangelo, J89, A20P, and Peter Mastrangelo, A20P, Massachusetts
  • Sheila Matini, J89, A20P, and Michael Matini, A20P, Maryland
  • Donald and Mary Ellen Patton, A18P, Illinois
  • Mark Pollak, A75, A16P, A19P and Janet Meyers, A16P, A19P, Maryland
  • Christopher and Lizette Pribus, A18P, California
  • Warren Rosenfeld, A18P and Sheryl Langerman-Rosenfeld, A18P, Oregon
  • Kenneth Rosh, A85, A19P, A21P and Meredith Schlesinger, A19P, A21P New York
  • Jeffrey and Marieke Rothschild, E18P, California
  • Celia Rumsey, AG90, A19P, New York
  • Francesca Schwartz, J78, A19P, New York
  • Stephanie Steinberg, J91, A20P, and Marc Steinberg, A20P, New York
  • Peter Wittich, E83, A20P and Denise Wittich, A20P, Florida
  • Dennis and Geena Zaslavsky, A19P, Illinois

*Indicates Parent Leadership Council Co-Chair

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