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Pritzker Scholarships enable Tufts to enroll best of the best

Long before Marcelo Norsworthy, A09, and Nathan Scott, A08, became teammates at Tufts, the two track stars had a lot in common: Both possessed unending discipline, a deep desire to help others, and a drive to make the most of their undergraduate careers. One other thing: Neither had imagined he would be able to go to Tufts.

"Growing up I didn't know anyone who went away to college," says Norsworthy, an Austin, Texas, native and National Merit scholar. "I applied to Tufts, but I never thought I would be able to afford to go to a private school out of state."

Shortly after receiving his acceptance letter, though, Norsworthy learned he had been selected to receive a Pritzker Scholarship. This award supports need-based financial aid for talented students who otherwise might not have considered pursuing a private college education. "I could hardly speak," recalls Norsworthy. "I knew it was an incredible opportunity."

On the indoor track team at Tufts he met Nathan Scott, another Pritzker Scholar, and the two became fast friends. "Everyone on the team had a special bond, and we all supported each other," said Scott, who graduated this past spring.

Norsworthy runs for the men's cross-country team and has competed in middle-distance events for men's track and field. Scott played defensive back on the football team and was a New England titleholder in the pentathlon in track and field.

Both say athletics gave them the focus and stamina they needed to pursue their passions.

Scott, from Hartford, Conn., graduated with a double major in biomedical engineering and biopsychology, and aspires to attend medical school. He landed a prestigious medical research fellowship the summer after graduating and has begun a post-baccalaureate program at the University of Pennsylvania this fall.

Norsworthy, majoring in international relations, has studied abroad in Chile, and plans a career in public policy. Through the Tisch College Scholars Program he designed a program to help Hispanic pupils at Somerville High School build community and gain better access to academic support and college counseling.

Because he will graduate from Tufts debt-free, Norsworthy says, he can start working in international development without the burden of paying back student loans. Scott can relate. "Because I'm not coming out with debt, I have more flexibility to go to the best medical schools, regardless of tuition," says Scott. "That's going to make me a better doctor."