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Forum honors Goldberg, promotes her commitment to Greater Boston

A $1 million gift from members of her extended family has endowed the Carol R. Goldberg Civic Engagement Initiative at Tisch College.

Carol Rabb Goldberg, J55, former president and chief operating officer of the Stop & Shop Companies, Inc., is a member of Tisch College's Board of Advocates and a longtime supporter of the college's mission to encourage civic engagement. Contributors to the gift included members of the Goldberg and Cahners families. "We are honored by this wonderful commitment to Tisch College and delighted the Carol R. Goldberg Civic Engagement Initiative will become a lasting part of the college's work," said Dean Rob Hollister.

The Carol R. Goldberg Civic Engagement Initiative, cosponsored by Tufts and the Boston Foundation, provides a forum for developing practical recommendations for improving the quality of life in Greater Boston. Participants are drawn from the public and private sectors, from academia and business, and from grassroots and civic organizations. Issues addressed have included the revitalization of Boston's parks, the broadening of access to primary health care, and the strengthening of university-community partnerships.

For Goldberg, citizenship is synonymous with active involvement in one's community. "I don't know how people can be citizens and be passive," she says. "The most important thing the college can do is to encourage people to contribute to civic life."

Goldberg is president of the AVCAR Group, Ltd., a private investment and consulting firm she founded with her husband, Avram. She also serves on the boards of the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley and the Combined Jewish Philanthropies. She is a founding member of the Commonwealth Institute, devoted to helping women entrepreneurs build their businesses, and co-author of Members of the Club: The Coming of Age of Executive Women.

"This is a revised version of a story that first appeared in the Tisch College bulletin The Active Citizen.