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2.07.07 Generous philanthropy builds new music center

by Mark Sullivan

A concerted effort went into Tufts' magnificent new Granoff Music Center. As an orchestra has its woodwinds, brass and strings, the music building comprises a host of stages, practices rooms, and other unique places named for benefactors whose generosity made the project possible.

Here is a guide to the Granoff Music Center's named sections, listed by space and donor. *

The Perry and Marty Granoff Music Center: Perry and Marty Granoff, A91P The 55,000-square-foot facility houses two world-class performance spaces; classrooms and practice areas fitted with the latest technology; a music library, and Music Department offices.
The Asher Plaza: Martin Richard Asher, A53, and Sheila S. Asher A focal point of the building's entrance, the plaza creates a distinct sense of arrival, through an environment that welcomes visitors and fosters interaction among them.
The Murnane Lobby: A gift of Preston Robert Tisch, H96, A71P, A76P, and the Tisch Foundation in honor of Dr. Thomas W. Murnane, A58, D62, DG65, AG68, J97P The two-story main lobby curves around the performance hall, making for a dramatic reception area. The acoustically-designed space features an abundance of natural light in a décor blending stone, glass and marble.
The Distler Performance Hall: A gift of Stephen Distler, A74, and Roxanne E. Kendall, J75 The 300-seat performance hall with tiered seating has broadcast- and recording-quality acoustics.
The Ruth Lilly Music Library: A gift of Ruth Lilly Suffused with natural light and overlooking the Ellis Oval, this full-service library offers an inviting venue for reading, listening and studying.
The Karl Leichtman Performance Stage: A gift of Agnes Varis, H03 The stage is designed to accommodate the full array of performances providing ample space, state-of-the art lighting, and excellent lines of vision for the entire audience.
The Fisher Performance Room: A gift of Itzhak and Ruth Fisher A04P, A08P A performance area suitable for events of intimate scale; matches the larger hall in acoustics, lighting and technical design, and provides a much-needed rehearsal area.
The Agnes Varis Music Lecture Hall: A gift of Agnes Varis, H03 With auditorium seating that enables multiple uses, this classroom is designed to maximize acoustics as well as comfort and visibility
The Robert and Leona Maguire Seminar Room: A gift of Lynne Maguire, J76 Upper-level music courses will be conducted in this seminar room, which is located next to the Music Library, enabling students to bring collection materials into the room for study and research. The room has excellent sound isolation and acoustic treatment, and is equipped for computer-assisted presentations.
Reading Area: A gift of David T. Zussman, A53, J80P, and Randi Zussman, J80P The reading area, set off from classrooms and rehearsal areas, gives faculty, students and guests a place to review a wide variety of periodicals in comfort.
Remis Family Orchestra Seating: A gift of Robert and Ruth Remis and Richard and Pamela Remis
The Beelzebubs Box Office: Gift of The Tufts Beelzebubs and The Beelzebubs Alumni Association, Inc. The box office, centrally located to be visible to all guests as they seek admission, will be a hub of activity and is expected to prove popular as a meeting site before performances.
The Percussion/Loud Music Room: A gift of the family of Barbara and C. David Chase (A72), Dan (A05), and Paul (A06) The design and acoustics of the Percussion/Loud Music Room permit musicians to reach desired sound levels without being heard outside.
Technical Booth: A gift of Brian J. McCarthy A75, A07P, and Shelley Bestmann McCarthy, J75, A07P Contains sound, lighting, and projection control systems for the Performance Hall and serves as an audio- and video production studio. Its state-of-the-art computer-controlled recording, editing, and production systems will be used to create professional-quality recordings of Hall events and produce them for distribution via CD, DVD, and streaming on the Internet.
The "Barnstormers" Room: Gift of Gregory T. Barmore, A64, and Donna Berg Barmore, U67, in memory of Eric Barnes, A64 Provides an appropriate environment for the sound levels required for specific types of music and arrangement. The acoustics are state-of-the-art, as are the ventilation and climate control.
The Electronic Billboard: A gift of James D. Sperling, A74, and Virginia A. Loeb, J75
Practice Rooms (4):
* The Dave Connolly, A81, Practice Room, a gift of the Jay Pritzker Foundation;
* Gift of the Belok Family, in memory of Erich Leinsdorf;
* Gift of Alexandra Morgan Ciardi, J78 (1957-2005), and dedicated to her memory;
* Gift of family and friends honoring the memory of Edward P. Roberts, A74;
* Others available
Reading Table: A gift of Arthur W. Zeckendorf, A81, A09P, and Constance H. Zeckendorf, J81, A09P The table, in the center of the library, benefits from the natural light that streams from the Listening Center windows.
Drum Studio Practice Room: Gift of James Soutar, A88, and Abby Lai Located in the Applied Music Wing, the room will house one drum set and be large enough to allow practice with other instruments, such as bass, guitar or saxophone.
Steinway Grand Piano: Gift of President Lawrence S. Bacow and Adele Fleet Bacow in honor of their parents, Ruth and Mitchell Bacow and Margaret and Joel Fleet, MD
* As of Jan. 19, 2007