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$1M creates half-scholarships at Med School

by Mark Sullivan

Tuition was $600 when Dr. Paul Chervinsky, A48, M52, attended Tufts University School of Medicine on the GI Bill in the early 1950s. Today it costs a lot more: $43,000 a year.

"Some outstanding students who would like to come to Tufts cannot afford to," said Chervinsky, of New Bedford, Mass., who founded southeastern Massachusetts's first allergy practice and has been active in fund-raising at his alma mater over the years. "I know about the problems students have meeting tuition."

Chervinsky decided to do something about it. When Dean Michael Rosenblatt challenged alumni to lend their financial support to the creation of half-tuition scholarships at Tufts Medical School, Chervinsky was among the first to step forward.

He recently made a $1 million gift that will create two half-scholarships, each worth about $20,000 a year. "I owe a debt to the school for the opportunity it gave me, and I want future students to have those same opportunities," Chervinsky said.

Increasing scholarship aid is the "number one priority" of the current capital campaign at the Medical School, Dean Rosenblatt said. "Our tuition is one of the highest in the country," he said. "We don't want to lose students who we want to be here but who can't afford to be here. We don't want to be a school for the children of privilege - that's not our mission."

The goal is to create 80 half-tuition scholarships. Two will be funded by Chervinsky's generosity.

The first Chervinsky Scholar is expected to be chosen from the class entering in fall 2007, and the second, a year or so after. The scholarship will follow the recipient through four years of medical school.